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EyeBROW Extensions?? What are they? An inside look...
Unlike eyelash extensions, eyebrow extensions are individual synthetic fibers that are thinner than most human hair that is attached to the skin. A flexible, clear, and hypoallergenic adhesive is used. YOU DO NOT NEED EYEBROW HAIR NECESSARILY, WE HAVE A GLUE THAT CAN GO ON THE SKIN. Here's an article regarding this new invention.

Semi-permanent eyebrow extensions are reshaping the windows to the soul

Eyebrows frame the face and say everything without saying a word. Like any beauty hot spot they require maintenance, an easy enough routine for healthy brows, but some have less material to work with. Excessive plucking or conditions like hypothyroidism, alopecia or medical treatments can render eyebrows sparse and uneven, making it difficult to obtain a healthy brow. With the recent trend of thicker, fuller brows showing little sign of slowing down, a new, semi-permanent treatment aims to do for brows what now-ubiquitous eyelash extensions have been doing for lashes. 

Created by a Canadian company, eyebrow extensions are similar to the synthetic hairs the salon relies on for lashes. Holding the faux hairs in place is an adhesive specially formulated to bond with skin. The glue is similar to medical grade wound closure glue and allows the Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) fiber hairs to adhere without negative reaction or irritation. Treatments range from a level one fill to a level four complete reconstruction, depending on how much hair a client needs to achieve the desired look. Level one is a minor revamp to address small improvements ($50-$85), like enhancing the tail area of the brow, filling the inner brow or fixing a scarred or patchy area of hair loss. Level two doubles total eyebrow thickness ($100-$135), often necessary after years of overenthusiastic hair removal. Major reconstruction starts at level three for those with little natural hair ($150- $200), by adding shape to uneven or excessively damaged brows. The most involved treatment is a complete, two-hour restoration for those with no brows (level four, $200-$250), often the result of treatments like chemotherapy. That transformation can be a life changer. 

Before this procedure was developed, women with total brow loss had limited options: Glue-on eyebrow wigs, permanent makeup or trying pharmaceutical hair growth agents all with varying results that often looked unnatural. But even those with mild to moderate thinning can benefit from the extensions. The faux hairs eliminate the need for daily makeup and clients feel they look natural enough for a special event or everyday wear. Clients recline on a massage table while your brows are cleaned and exfoliated. The extensions are available in eight shades ranging from honey blonde to dark brown, and the hues look remarkably natural. The individual strands are so tiny, just millimeters in length, it’s hard to imagine they can come together to make a noticeable difference.

A technician will fill in and enhanced the ends of the client’s brow and added to the “fan” area near the nose, which many women over-pluck. This process is finalized by trimming the new hair and shaping the brows to look natural. The synthetic hairs are an almost-identical match to the client’s own dark brows. Results don't look unnecessarily more dramatic—although we can if a client desires. Instead, the result is a naturally robust brow that was freshly shaped. 

Hairs are fixed in place but do shed over 7 to 21 days, depending on individual skin variations. Newly applied brows should be kept dry for the first 24 to 48 hours then makeup can be worn over them, although that may shorten their lifespan. But plucking is out once the brows are complete. 

Besides being in style, thicker, longer brows have an air of healthy youthfulness. It’s the kind of beauty improvement that will have friends noticing a brighter, fresher or prettier look without really knowing why. Brow addicts can then come in for fills to keep up the fuller look or let them fall out gradually.
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